Reflection about our course

I learned a lot and tried things I had never done such as advertising, being an interviewer, as a news reporter, and as a quorum participant. This course made me dare to speak more English. My shyness began to disappear. I try to improve my English language skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. But the hardest obstacle for me is the grammar and listening. I can’t catch the words of the other person when they speak fast. And the grammar make me confuses.

I will not give up on the obstacles I encounter. I will try to improve myself to overcome my limitations. I will use more English language skills in everyday life. I saw the importance of English language because it is the language used to communicate everywhere.

Finally, what I learned from this program aside from English language skills is experience. I will bring these experiences to improve myself.

61100251 Kannika Vetayavaigoon section 1


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