Reflection about our course

I learned a lot and tried things I had never done such as advertising, being an interviewer, as a news reporter, and as a quorum participant. This course made me dare to speak more English. My shyness began to disappear. I try to improve my English language skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. But the hardest obstacle for me is the grammar and listening. I can’t catch the words of the other person when they speak fast. And the grammar make me confuses.

I will not give up on the obstacles I encounter. I will try to improve myself to overcome my limitations. I will use more English language skills in everyday life. I saw the importance of English language because it is the language used to communicate everywhere.

Finally, what I learned from this program aside from English language skills is experience. I will bring these experiences to improve myself.

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What they think or how they feel about Walailak University

  1. Kessanee Dinsud, “I like the environment at Walailak University”.
    She said that she liked the environment at Walailak University.
  2. Chunthima Homklin, “I like the teaching of Walailak University”.
    She said that she liked the teaching of Walailak University.
  3. Thammanoon Pothasoom, “I feel the Walailak University like home”.
    He said that he felt the Walailak University like home.
  4. Wilaiwan Puangwilai, “I feel so happy to be at Walailak University”.
    She said that she felt so happy to be at Walailak University.
  5. Duangkamon Khrusorn, “I like the atmosphere at Walailak University”.
    She said that she liked the atmosphere at Walailak University.
  6. Fateenah Tohkwan, “I like the lecture building at Walailak University”.
    She said that she liked the lecture building at Walailak University.
  7. Wanittha Khaichom, “I feel so love the Walailak University”.
    She said that she felt so love the Walailak University.
  8. Arseesa Abubaker, “I like the food at Walailak University”.
    She said that she liked the food at Walailak University.
  9. Teerawat Inchuan, “I like the dorm of Walailak University”.
    He said that he liked the dorm of Walailak University.
  10. Wutthichai Saiphak, “I like the Walailak Park”.
    He said that he liked the Walailak Park.

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My Interview

After the interview with the Aj. Rohmah, l was asked she about her point of view on Thailand before coming here, Walailak, and Thai Children English Skill. That make me know about she is come from Indonesia and she has been in Walailak University around 11 month.

She has been to Bangkok, Thailand to rest before coming to work here. By talking with Aj. Budi about the job and he invite Aj. Rohmah, to teach in Walailak, and she told about Thai Children English Skill, Thailand children should to practice more about pronunciation.

Finally, she give suggestion who want to practice English she said that “You should spend more time with English language ” such as have a zone club in dorm to speaking English language only.

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My Life Story

My Life Story

Let me start with, My name is Kannika Vetayavaigoon. My nickname is Matoy. I was born on Wednesday 18th of August 1999, at Satuk Hospital, Buri Ram, Thailand. I am 19 years old. 

Then, when I was 3 year old my family transferred to Loei. Next, I live in Loei. After that, my parents got divorced. I live with my mother.  I am an only child. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have graduated from Loeianukulwittaya School with science and mathematics degree in 2017. My favorite subjects is math. My favorite sport are Rollerblade, Badminton and Tennis. My favorite color is sky blue. My hobbies are listen to music and watching movies. I like to go shopping mall.

Now, I am studying at Walailak University in Nakhon Si Thammarat. My major is Medical Technology.

Finally, even though I had to stay far from home but I was happy to see new things.

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Walailak University

Walailak University has the largest area in Thailand about 9,000 rai. Have complete utilities. Landscape arrangement for a good, sylvan and beautiful environment. Walailak park is as beautiful as the paradise. Walailak University has a covered walkway connecting lecture buildings on campus to allow students to walk or ride a bicycle. There is a campaign to use bicycles for safety, energy saving and pollution reduction. Within the university there is a electric bus service. Teaching is an active learning. It’s the Trimester. One year is divided into 3 semesters. Undergraduate students will take a 4-year study program. Convenient transportation, including vans, buses and taxi. Fresh air without dust, smoke and pollution. Modern and efficient technology. Potential personnel. Supporting scholarships for students who are in need of financial resources. Walailak University has established a stray dog shelter to help dogs who have to wander along the road, have homes and control rabies that may spread. Activities within the university encourage students to be graduates with morality, ethics and know how to live a life that is valuable to society. Walailak University will always be my second home.

61100251 Kannika Vetayavaigoon section 1

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